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08.10.18 I've resolved an email glitch that had been in place for several months. Keep them letters comin'!
The big news, of course, is that Gruppo Sportivo's new album is now out. Great!
09.30.17 a My new book is out as of last week. Movie and TV rights are in negotiation.
08.26.17 I've added an extension to my Adolf and Levine family pictures.
07.12.17 Read about my ketamine infusion experience.
07.05.17 I'm pleased that so many of my rips have anonymously become the definitive versions of records that never had proper digital releases. I won't name names, but it means alot to me.
02.12.17 No news to report, sorry.
02.23.17 a The second edition of my 2006 book is now in press. It should be out in September.

I've uploaded a backlog of emails I received of people's Nanuet memories. Sorry for the long delay, everyone.

02.12.17 No news to report, sorry.
07.14.16 After another long hiatus, I am starting up movie reviews again. Enjoy...or don't!
03.01.16 I've updated my Gruppo Sportivo pages to reflect all releases through 2015. Dig It Yourself, man!
12.30.15 a Read it and weep (at its outlandishness): Silverman, Daniel. 2015. Evolution of the speech code: higher-order symbolism and the grammatical Big Bang. In Ida Toivonen, Piroska Csúri, Emile van der Zee, eds., Structures in the Mind: Essays on Language, Music, and Cognition in Honor of Ray Jackendoff. MIT Press. 259-75.
My genre-defining epic (6 minutes) is in pre-production here at s studios. Look for "SilverMansion | Inkwell", coming soon.
Have you checked out Art Bytes recently? A new goodie or two is up.
Things are good, thanks. I bought an alto sax and will be gearing up for my one-man no-audience show. Stay tuned.
11.02.15 I've updated my music list. Got a year to listen end to end?
My "FallingWater" video is now up.
Slowly coming back to life. Love and thanks to Uncle Paul and Aunt Judy who babysat me for the whole month of October.
09.17.15 Thank you to all who have provided support and encouragement and love as I go through a hard time, especially, thanks to Doron, who has borne the brunt. I know most of you won't see this, but I wanted to express it here anyway, for the record.
06.26.15 It's a great day for America! Marriage equality is the law of the land! And while it deeply pains me that homophobic attitudes and discriminatory practices persist--even in my own nuclear family--still, it's a great day for America!
06.08.15 a Reading and writing for 'Degenerative Phonology'.
Guess what. Summer's arrived. Time to finally make my Quintet boards (with a bit-o-help from ol' Doc). Stay tuned...
02.20.15 My response to a recent email regarding an early Nanuet memory of mine, when I was three or four: "And I remember you have a sister? Once I was walking with her on Prospect St, down the slope to Park Lane (around our corner by the Stefans' house), and she was holding my hand, and my nose was running, and I lifted our hands and wiped my nose with the back of her hand!!"
01.13.15 a Oy, so much to tell. Two new book contracts, plus three new papers coming out soon, one of which is a contribution to a festschrift for the great Ray Jackendoff, my teacher at Brandeis way back in 1988. And it was so nice to see so many old friends at the LSA in Portland.
Hi Doron!
The cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo were massacred because they were provocateurs; the world is appalled. The shoppers at Hyper Cacher were massacred because they were Jews; the world shrugs.
10.17.14 Grand re-opening coming soon!
Cousin Michael Silverman releases his book "Director's Corner: Lessons in Emergency Medicine Leadership and Management"
We’re forever cursed to hate. It might not be directly encoded in our genes, but it is undoubtedly an indelible component of our species. Because of the rise of social groups, and with it, the division of labor, we have to suppress the drive to hunt and kill. We don’t get to kill in the hunt, so we murder for sport. But since even this drive is suppressed by our policing ourselves, it all gets buried. And so we hate. The hate tries and tries to come forth, seething and seething. Then, if given license, if we see some aberrant behavior that, for whatever complex of reasons, goes unchecked even for a little while, we get hungry for the kill. We see others doing just what we’ve always wanted to do, and we’re given license. We join them, and the hate grows and along with it the violence, and the killing begins in earnest.
08.08.14 A new slice! Nanuet Pizza. Thus far, no contributors. Let's go people!
They want to kill me, my mom, my brothers, my nephews. And I imagine they want to desecrate my Dad's grave. No, I don't like Hamas.
07.03.14 San Francisco didn't take. I've moved back to Santa Cruz. I'm out there and I'm lovin' it!
04.27.14 Woody Allen filmed "The Purple Rose of Cairo" in Piermont. I've posted my dad's photos of Allen's re-creation of a depression-era working class town.
All the Adolf / Levine girls' New York Times wedding announcements are here! Thanks to Cousin Ron for digging these up.
03.31.14 Obituary of Martin Adolf, my maternal grandfather.
01.21.14 "A triumph!" Yes, that's how this reviewer characterizes his fantastic three hour lunch with American Master Rupert Holmes up in Cold Spring. Nanuet's finest son is as witty, as engaging, and as thoughtful as his oeuvre would suggest.
A new stop, Art Bytes.
12.10.13 I've been contacted by a publisher who wants to commision a book about Nanuet history. Fancy that! I might do some research on this project over the summer.
Read Amy Bellette's accusatory letter to the literary criticism establishment, from Philip Roth's Exit Ghost.
I modified the system's transfer logos, to enhance clarity.
10.01.13 Having just rejoined Netflix, my movie review series is back in full swing.

"Large Project #4" is finally posted; my Holocaust memorial.

09.27.13 Lists!
A skeletal version of my Nanuet Literature page is now up.
Off to Israel in December and into January!
07.27.13 "...Along the Hudson" is now up, and so is "Fallingwater". Have a look. "Fallingwater" movie to follow...
Hi from Twin Peaks, SF!
06.06.13 Kinks in my email form are largely resolved.
Stay tuned for a big batch of pictures I've taken over the last year, "...Along The Hudson".
Back to California in a few weeks.
02.12.13 a Off to Lund, Sweden in April: a functionalist speaks at GLOW! Sincere thanks to the selection committee!
Speed The Plough's 1995 album Marina is the latest entry at my newly-invigorated album review series.
My trip to Albania (and Turkey) was FANTASTIC! Read all about it!
12.25.12 New images are always being posted, though not at the top of the page, since images are loosely organized by category.
The s Music line has been renamed "Sounds". The old line will run on a skeletal basis for the time being, but will ultimately be discontinued.
Off to ALBANIA next week!
11.12.12 "Vote For Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan". Oh really?
So I wonder if Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music are earning royalities for the use of 2HB in a commercial for some diabetes medicine called Flexpen. Huh??!
09.14.12 Now you can read about the Second Amendment.
a The book has arrived at my door. CUP has done a great job. The binding is strong, the paper is high quality, the typos are few, and all my doing. I've added an ERRATA page.
Things to do in Rockland County! A whole page of cool links!
07.27.12 a My speculative paper on the origins of language is now up for discussion at A REPLICATED TYPO. Meanwhile, my new research on Nanuet English will get underway within a few weeks.
I recently enjoyed a very cool three-hour lunch with guitarist extraordinaire HUW GOWER, original member of THE RECORDS, and co-writer of their classic 1979 single STARRY EYES.
05.31.12 a Promotion? Check. Sabbatical underway? Check. New book now in progress? Check. Also. just back from Manchester and Edinburgh where I spent a grand old time with so many friends, both old and new!
New station stop: Friend Links.
Books by two sweetie-pies are now discussed: Naomi Gurevich's and Zhang Jie's published dissertations.
I'll be driving cross-country to my beloved Nanuet within a few weeks, to get seriously underway on the research for my "Nanuet English" book project. Stay tuned.
05.17.12 Heading to Manchester next week for my beloved MFM, then to Edinburgh where I will make a complete ass of myself at the Edinburgh Language Evolution and Computation group meeting. Oh joy! Gary and Kar will console me out in Barnton.
My Uncle Paul's letters to the Washington Post and elsewhere are now posted. Behold! A great American liberal tells it like it is!
I'm tidying ol' Webby, just little tweaks here and there that no one will notice, especially since I never get any visitors...
05.07.12 My one-year sabbatical to study "Nanuet English" begins in a few weeks. Yahoo! The book will be out in a few months. Yahoo!
02.16.12 Imagine a twenty year old New York Jew visiting the Enver Hoxha-era Albanian Mission to the UN. Read all about it. And another thing: did you know that Alfred Hitchcock was inspired by Edward Hopper when he created his flawed masterpiece Marnie?
A Cupla new papers will see the pixelated light of publication any day now, reintroducing the magnificent Mikołaj Kruszewski's linguistic theories to the 21st century.
12.10.11 After a decade-plus hiatus, I've posted a new record review. Now you can read about Rupert Holmes' "Full Circle" record from 1981, right here at my website...fancy that!
The book will be available for purchase around July 2012.

I've added to my Quintet page, and will add still more soon.
The book is in! Now I just need to sit back, relax and let the millions just pour in. 1% here I come!!
Many new Nanuet postcards have been hunted down by our crack research team here at Central. Thanks guys!
FLASH! My China pictures will be exhibited in the Blue Room at the Caffe Pergolesi, in beautiful downtown Santa Cruz, for the entire month of February. Doug and Dinsdale, do come!
Curb Your Enthusiasm's "The Applause-O-Gram" is now significantly fleshed out. Come back soon to read about Kyle and company's journey to Israel in my South Park episode.
The new book is done! I'll be sending it off to CUP next month.
A few new postcards are up, and I am finally nearing posting my "Nanuet Literature" station stop.
Now you can read why "anti-Zionism is Geo-political Anti-Semitism".
FLASH! The Nanuet Mall is finally coming down, as reported in today's Times. Obviously, this huge story was bumped from the banner headline it deserves due to the long-awaited killing of our dear friend Osama Bin Laden.Thanks to our military and to President Obama! NO THANKS to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and that whole gang of thieving crooks!!
FLAC attack! Yep, that's it: MP3 is herstory. I am switching over to FLAC. See you in about ten years when I complete my new pathetic Aspergers-inspired project. But since we're talkin' 'bout Pop Muzik, why not check out the NEW (yes, NEW) Gruppo Sportivo album, "The Secret Of Success"? It's a bunch of cabaret versions of hits and album tracks.
What transparent timing. Jewish Uncle Tom Richard Goldstone (unofficially) retracts his outrageous accusations against the IDF, just as the UN suspends Libya--LIBYA!--from its so-called Human Rights Council, the Goldstone Report's commissioning body. Goldstone was apparently perfectly happy to accede to the wishes of this morally bankrupt council’s fascist ways, until its hypocrisy became just a little too obvious even to the most boneheaded fools out there--like Goldstone.
So, all those right wing nuts upset about the revolution in Egypt destabilizing the region…are they equally upset about the uprising in Libya? Meanwhile, all those left wing nuts who claim that the Egyptian revolution was a revolt against American support of oppression…are they making the same claims about the uprising in Libya? Oh please, the settlements are the main obstacles to peace in the region, right?
So how 'bout them Egypts? Mazel tov!! Here's hoping for a peaceful and uneventful transition to liberal secular democracy, and hoping the Egyptian people choose peace, prosperity, and stability rather than war, poverty, and chaos.
Back from Israel! Jerusalem of course, but also Beersheva, Dimona, and Eilat. Fantastic time seeing friends, family, and colleagues.
I'm headed to Israel in January--finally gonna see the Negev.
I'm THRILLED with the re-release of Kevin Dunn's "The Judgement Of Paris". The sound is wonderful and the remix even brings out a few new bells and whistles in the opening bars of the amazing AG. I am LESS THAN THRILLED with Cherry Red's needle-drop release of Clive Langer's "Splash", replete with tell-tale inner groove distortion. My CD-R sounds at least as good, and includes three extra tracks.
Coming soon: a photo-essay of my harrowing experience in 1994's Northridge earthquake. Watch this space.
Jim Brady gets shot and he’s suddenly for gun control. Dick Cheney’s daughter is a lesbian and he's suddenly not a homophobe. Ronald Reagan dies of Alzheimer's and Nancy is suddenly for stem cell research. These Republican officials' sense of compassion and social justice extends no further than their own self-interest.
Just a quick trivia question: what do Theresa Renteria and Priscilla Celery have in common?
A teensy thought experiment, if you will: imagine that, instead of BP, it was an Israeli firm that despoiled the planet, not in the American Gulf, but on the shores of Europe. Now, how do you suppose the halls of government and the "street" would react? Do I need to make it more clear? No, I didn't think so. Thanks
Since January, I've lost 40 pounds and counting. These last 10 I wanna lose'll be a serious challenge.
Welcome to the system's new line. Thetrain travels the route previously taken by the.
This line has been moved to the system's upper tier.
Meanwhile, relevant stations along thehave been switched to the the new; this line has been moved to the lower tier of the system.
And finally, the new line is dedicated to voyages. Check out the new station stop, my trip to Venice and Slovenia.

Check out "Chaiku", submitted by a friend.

In NYC, theline is no more! But fear not, enthusiasts, theline is here to stay!
I've improved the appearance of all line logos, for all .00000500000000 of you who care.

In keeping with NYC MTA, I've switched theline from brown to orange.
Since January I've lost 35 pounds, and counting, and all my numbers are back to normal! The secret of my success is the FIVE NOs/LOWs: salt, fat, sugar, cholesterol, carbohydrates. NO to prepared foods as they are full of salt. Just lots of vegetables...and a little less beer. The biggest NO of all: any "program" that you pay for. Losing weight involves SAVING money, not spending it.
Good lord, I've posted a bunch of papers and handouts from my grad school days at UCLA.
The Sinceros "Pet Rock" is now out on cd. I was not involved in this release. I've also posted the sole review I wrote for Trouser Press back in the day, shortly before they closed up shop. ("15 minutes Mr. Warhol, 15 minutes..." - Dan Treacy, The Painted Word.)
I'm headed to Manchester, Venice, and Slovenia fairly soon. Maybe I'll even take some pictures. Also, since mid-January I've lost 30 lbs.! 20 more, and I'll be set.
My two-year schoolboy romance with Remeron/Mirtazapine may, alas, be coming to a close. The only anti-depressant that has ever really done the trick for my sleep and my headaches has also done a number on my weight, my blood pressure, and my hormones. Back to the drawing board.
My book-in-progress will be submitted to CUP by the end of the summer. My next book will be a very basic introduction to phonology.
In the summer I will add two stations to the Nanuet line: Nanuet Literature, and Nanuet Dialectology. Watch this space.
Email me with the new form along the Email line. It is still a bit buggy, but eventually I will work it out. And by the way, call me Danny now. That's middle age!
I've tweaked a few things in order to make the site a bit easier on the eyes. That my little new year's gift to you, dear readers (all .5,000,000 of you!).
Look for my new paper on Korean neutralization in the Journal of Linguistics, coming soon.
If you haven't done so already (and who has?), why not check out NYC businesses of note?
Re: The Sinceros re-issue: someone at a well-known pop music site recently referred to me (mockingly) as "self-described power pop expert Dan Silverman". Er, no, I never described myself as such. Cherry Red's advertising department did. I had no say in the matter, unfortunately.
Like the true nut I am, I've uploaded papers going back to my undergrad days, to High School and even to Middle School!
Look sharp for some very cool Yoko Ono news.
New Station: Israelism Links.
I've posted the lyrics to Interview's "Snakes And Lovers" record.
Read about my efforts to change the Chinese character for "Jew", suggesting the removal of the offensive "69 bent dog" radical.
Since classes are starting again soon, I thought I'd work on the ol' website a bit.
Finally, I've posted my Silverman/Shwam pictures.
Late night: sometimes, as I listen to songs by THE TAPES, or THE NECESSARIES, or ALBANIA, or THE INDIVIDUALS, or some other wonderful band that no one ever listens to, I feel twice as good. The music is great, and it's all mine, like a secret fort in the woods.
Back from Israel. As I journey farther and farther from my birth, I also journey closer and closer to my past. Stay tuned for more details.
Two things. One: There is no way in fucking hell I'mana pay yet again for Beatles records. Two: On a kinder, gentler note, please buy (don't download) "The Sound of Sunbathing" by The Sinceros, on Cherry Red. And guess what: I wrote the liner notes! And no, I didn't get paid. You see, as Nick Lowe said, it's a labour of lust.
In my day I’ve managed to meet quite a few of my rock and roll heroes: Hans Vandenburg, Tim Smith, Emitt Rhodes, Dane Conover, Boo Hewerdine. Harry Nilsson, and John and George are gone, and I can’t even hope to meet Paul or Ringo, but I still ache to meet Jeff Lynne and Rupert Holmes.
My big news is that I have a new book contract with Cambridge University Press. Proposed title: "Neutralization: Rhyme and Reason in Phonology."
Believe it or not, I've tracked down the Mercury release of 10cc's Ten out of 10 (great, except that the single version of "Memories" has wow and flutter), and also the Sector 27 cd. I also got the impossible-to-find Firmament and The Elements Essential EP for the princely sum of $3.99 off Ebay--amazing! Finally, I've shifted the location of the Gruppo Sportivo website, to make the URL prettier.
Since I'm teaching a course in animal communication (strangely enough!), I've thought about the functional benefit of yawning. See "Why We Yawn" for more.
My dear friend Dan Everett has recently dropped a beautiful bomb on the field (of linguistics). I'll soon be posting about his best-selling book "Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes".
I have a huge collection of Silverman/Shwam photos ready to go, except I forget how to generate a photo album in Dreamweaver. When it comes back to me, I'll finally post these.
12:00 EST: Well, apart from the appallingly divisive, religiously-particularistic ramblings of unrepentent hatemonger Rick Warren, the inauguration went without a hitch. Smashing!
Happy New Year everyone! With Obama on his way in, and Hamas on their way out, the world is looking up for liberalism/secularism!
If you live in the Santa Cruz viewing area, look for a broadcast of my China DVD on Comcast Channel 25 and Charter Communications Channel 71 at the following times: Monday November 10 at 2pm, Tuesday November 11 at 7pm, Wednesday November 12 at 9pm, Friday November 14 at 4pm, and Sunday November 16 at 11:30am
It's .com's 2nd anniversary! It's been a non-stop par-tay here at HQ!
I'd love to get my hands on these three hard-to-find CDs: "Girls At Our Best!", "Sector 27", and Mercury's re-release of 10cc's "Ten out of 10". A little help?
Another "Large Project" has been posted: Street Music.
I've recently moved to a house amidst the cedars and redwoods in beautiful Santa Cruz.
Now, mind you, I've never been a Springsteen fan, but his most recent album is startlingly good. I went back and listened to all the old albums, thinking, maybe I should give them another chance. But no, they still sound silly to me. "Magic", however, is just that: magic! "Girls In Their Summer Clothes" gives me goosebumps.
From the Design Links station, take a regional rail link to a wonderful site featuring magnificent photography of New York architecture.
Mazel tov!! I've just written my 50th movie review! See you at Nobu?
A new paper is up, "Neutralization and anti-homophony in Korean." A few others are in the works.
Station stop "Other Peoples' Memories of Nanuet" has closed permanently, its contents now fully accessible at the "Do you Remember..." stop.
What's the new Mary Jane? I am looking for these five songs: "Beatles Forever" by ELO, "Mindless Sweethearts Underground" by Jackie Leven, "20,000 Dreamers" by Original Mirrors, and "House Of Wax/All At Once" by Bruce Woolley. Anyone out there has these, please be in touch for a nice trade!
The rules for "Quintet" are posted. Rather soon, I will add an essay on this fascinating--though flawed--Robert Altman film from 1979.
When I was nineteen, I discovered Mary Renault.
Street Life: another "Large Project", this one linking you and me, wherever you are, or I am. Have a look....and a listen...
Some Design links are now up. Also, be sure to check out TEENMOM complete!
My "Large Project" series is now underway. Please check out "EuroChina". Indeed, the world is getting smaller with each passing day. Several more are to follow shortly.
If you live in the D.C. area and have access to Montgomery County Public Access TV Channel 19, look for my China DVD, "Through Southwest China," which is being broadcast in heavy rotation through May at least.
I've made email contact much easier now. Wherever you see my signatureemail, just click, and you'll be transfered directly to the Email line.
The Love line is now, at least in theory, fully functional, though a tad threadbare as of this date...Nonetheless, This means that the subway system is operating at full capacity.
My complete China DVD is now posted as an mp4. You'll need a viewer like Quicktime, and also a fast connection, in order to see it. Those with patience will be rewarded.
I've finally completed my Gruppo Sportivo graphical discography. It is fully up to date.
New station: "The Dark Years (High School)". I hope you have a strong stomach.
I've begun to post sporadic movie reviews.
Flash! A new line is open: the Reading line. Here you'll find books written by friends and family members.
My New Year's resolution is 300 dpi.
Across Mitteleuropa is now up.
A few people have asked me why I post all this stuff on line. Let’s keep it simple: (1) My dad’s death and my mom’s getting on. (2) September 11. (3) Israel’s precarious existence. (4) I won’t be having kids. In short, middle age existential angst.
A number of new Art links are up.
My Doodletown jaunt with Lois Leardi is posted! Look, listen, and learn.
.A few songs that have a connection to Nanuet are now posted.
I've added a page of Nostalgia links; more to be added, no doubt.
My Nanuet mini-site is growing. In addition to a significant increase in the number of images, I've encountered a significant increase in email. I have added a new stop to the system: Other People's Memories of Nanuet.
I've uploaded practically my entire published output, for those who care.
Greetings, after quite a few months! After my fantastic year at McGill in magnificent Montréal, I've alighted at San José in the South Bay.
Now with songs! Take a trip up fleuve St. Laurent to Gaspé and back to Montréal, while listening to the dulcet tones of the Whales of Tadoussac (by Nits). Cry with Lux Interior and the Cramps when you look at the Lonesome Town of Asbury Park, NJ.
Some beer links are up, and the music links are always being added to.
Read "The Applause-O-Gram", my treatment for an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Find some cool places to eat and drink in Montréal.
Just a few more "bag-o-shells" from the old days.
Coming soon: Across Mitteleuropa Winter 1984.
A fourth essay has been posted, dating from the early 90s: "Toward Normalization".
I've posted a huge collection of mostly old (early-mid century) Adolf and Levine family photos. Family members are most welcome to help me provide captions to these. I will do the same with Silverman-Shwam photos in the coming months.
Lots of pictures are now up at the China Travelogue. Of course, this is only a taster of the DVD.
Yet more links are up, and many more will be added.
Look for Quince! Some more wonderful NYC businesses have been discovered, and a few more great unheralded albums have been unearthed.
Both the Lerner Family Circle and Dad Bites are now posted.
I've finally put up some of my graphic art from the 80s, including my winning entry for the Nanuet High School yearbook cover, 1981.
That brings us to Nanuet. Lots more images are now up.
Some music links are up, along with links to the academic institutions I'm proud to have been affiliated with.
My China travelogue is up, though I haven't yet converted my jpegs to gifs, and so pictures are still missing. Of course, the DVD itself trumps the text version.
I've now added several of my record reviews at. If you click on itself, be aware that this is a huge list of over 25,000 songs, and requires a fast connection.
Welcome! After a two year hiatus I am back on line at my permanent domain: .com. Have a look around. You’ll find the site easy to navigate. Lots more will be coming; I’ll keep you posted…yeah right, you’re on the edge of your seat.
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