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Well, it violates many of my principles to explain my art, but as I slouch into middle age, I figure, what the hell, let’s move some product.

As with most things of relevance in (my) life, seedy road has its origins in The Beatles. If you look at my logo, you’ll have already figured that out.

I needed a clever name for my “record label”. You see, many of the records that I loved and cherished in my youth have never been released on CD, and as the years have gone by, what with the frequent moves that an academic life demands, and the general plod of technological advancement, ready access to a turntable has became more and more difficult to secure.

So began my late 90s hobby: using CoolEditPro (now Adobe Audition) to digitize my precious LPs, along with a scanner and Photoshop, I’ve been able to create remarkable replicas of commercial products that have never existed—how’s that for a semantic anomaly?

How to group my disparate creations under a single umbrella? I needed a catchy name. Enter The Beatles, of course, progenitors of virtually everything of artistic relevance in the post-war period. The Beatles played their final notes on Abbey Road, and now I needed a name for my CD label …hmm…Abbey Road...Abbey...AB…CD...Seedy...seedy road! From the hypocritical grandeur of the abbey to the squalor of its denizens. Perfect.

On to a logo. Fortunately, it was staring me in the face as I flipped over the Abbey Road jacket. A little cut and paste, and the rest is history.


Thanks Ringo
Thanks Paul
Thanks John
Thanks George



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