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"Truth be told, rock music as an art form derives from five major sources: THE BEATLES, BOB DYLAN, THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, SPARKS, and RAMONES."

  • I am a musician and a music collector. I just read your review of Holmes' Full Circle. It is so nice to find someone who so seriously digs his music. I love all of his work, but especially Full Circle, a masterpiece in my opinion. And then you top it all by comparing the album with McAloon's Andromeda Heights. Wow! Paddy is my all time favorite singer/songwriter and it's rare that I find someone who mentions these artists at all, especially together!

  • Many thanks for your support and kind words over the years. It has not gone unnoticed by me and the rest of the Deaf School gang!

  • Hi Daniel Greatly enjoyed you discography and notes on deaf school. You managed to attribute the name of the band's beginnings wrongly. I was at {what was then) Liverpool Polytechnic studying for an art degree.One year above me was Ian Richie. a year above that where other members of the band. We where all studying three dimensional art or sculpture. the building we where housed in was formally part of Liverpool hospital. our building was the ear, nose and throat department. or commonly called the deaf school as this was where the local deaf came for treatment, etc. The atmosphere in those days was very vibrant with many musical influences. most of all the then developing punk type sound a raw energy. along side the huge and divergent influences of American sixties soul and mid seventies garage sound. The art collage always had a sense of theatre and I was involved with Richie in a Christmas show. Another group to emerge at almost the same time (they where in the same academic year) was the Yachts again i was involved with them at times.

Bassist from Deaf School Steve Lindsey is now a Design Technology teacher along the road from the school I teach in in Liverpool. I now am a teacher of the deaf. I still greatly enjoy popping on 2nd Honeymoon. a record with supreme panache and over the top musical directing. the further recordings never followed the same direction, but by then punk had taken hold and WB insisted that to become more commercial the band move further into the punk/garage sound.

  • Hello Daniel
    I am a music teacher living in Israel. I work with a group of 16 years old that plays all kind of covers and originals. The other day they where asking me for something different to play and I remembered some records of Gruppo that I hadn't listen to for more than 20 years. got the records out and suddenly it all came back to me. Their music after so long is still fresh and the lyrics... what can I say. you said it all in you site. I was wondering if you could recommend more written essays on Gruppo.Thanks
  • I accidentally found your site, by searching for Nagy Fero’s web site. I found your description of the "hova lett" lp absolutely brilliant!! I was born in Hungary in The mid sixties and Nagy Fero was and is the Hungarian Jello Biafra as you so well noted. I was absolutely astonished to learn that you are an American and know so much about Nagy Fero. It is amazing to me. I have met Nagy Fero on several occasions, one time here in Toronto Canada where i live, and most recently just a month ago in Hungary. Apparently he is working on a new record with his band ..Beatrice. I have read the responses you got about you site and noticed that not one(!!!) was about Nagy Fero despite the fact that the "Hova lett Nagy Fero" Lp is on the top of your "best" list. I hopefully correct that gross injustice with my letter
  • Hello Daniel, sometimes I put myself behind this PC and search for information about favorite LP's that might have been put on CD. As I was looking for one of them, "Snakes And Lovers" by Interview www.google.com directed me to your site and your review was exactly the way I think of that album. The LP is scratched all over the place, but quite often I just play one song very loud on the headphones: "Until I Hold Her". Even after more than 20 years that guitar solo (that's recorded very tastefully with that echo that follows the sound from left to right) gives me goosebubbles. The LP had a very good review in those days in the leading Dutch magazine Muziekkrant OOR. Well, I just wanted you to know there are more people in this world that love that record and can't wait til it is released on CD
  • Stopped by your "Emitt Rhodes" web site. Have been a fan of his for years. I have also occasionally stopped by your web site in the past, just to see what Emitt is doing these days. Got to know Kevin Ryan through his "Emitt Rhodes" web site as well. Kevin is an amazing talent on his own, great musician, songwriter and artist (the kind that uses a brush).

    Between the two sites I've done a little reminiscing and always felt Emitt was one of most underrated artists of our time, maybe any time. As I said, I have been a fan of Emitt's, but I am about the same age as Emitt, maybe a year or two younger. I was 19 in 1970 when Emitt released "Fresh as a Daisy" single. Of course I was a Beatle fan first, but Emitt was one of those artists (like Todd Rundgren and others) that carried on that tradition of excellent songwriting then recording their own music.
  • Just a complimentary note on your insightful commentary about the music we love, and on a generally interesting site. Well done.
  • i tapped in gruppo sportivo in google and your page popped up. hmmmm. I was a huge fan and in 1985 saw them in a tiny club in barcelona, my adopted hometown. it was the period when they were promoting pop goes the brain and i sang along with every song and even cried tears of joy. (i think i have only told my wife about that!) anyway, the update information was very interesting as i had lost touch with the band after sombrero times came out and i went off into different styles etc. i was also pleased to read that you were a fan of sparks, a band i defended in high school cafeteria fights in lovely long island, ny.
  • Dear Mr. Silverman! As a diehard german ELO-Fan since I heard 'Turn to Stone' on the radio in 1977 I've just read your review of ELO's final studio album with pleasure (final studio album till June 2001 that is). I disagree in two aspects. First 'Send It' for me is the weakest song ever written by maestro Jeff Lynne and ELO can never be diminished to being a singles-oriented band. ELO are a musical cosmos really that is generally focused on creating timeless music. Tal Bachman, son of pop-musician Bachman of Bachman-Turner-Overdrive said that Jeff Lynne as a composer is better than Mozart was! Okay, this statement might be discussable, but I agree in a way, 'cos I have always felt Jeff Lynne being at least the Mozart of pop music. Have you already heard the new and stateside criminally underrated album ZOOM. In my opinion it's better than BALANCE OF POWER. Check out the ballads 'Moment in Paradise', 'Stranger on a quiet street' or 'Ordinary dreams'. Again, from a artistic standpoint of view Mr. Lynne puts almost everybody on the Billboard charts to shame. Best wishes
  • Great website! I checked out a number of the pages for the Idle Race, Emitt Rhodes, and others, and you have done a really excellent job. One caveat, though. I don't claim to know anything about Emitt Rhodes - in fact I just have one of his albums, "Mirror" - but I can't believe you described it as "unfocused and lacking in confidence"! Wow, Dan, I couldn't disagree more! If anything this album appears (to my ears at least) to be just as stunning as you describe the first two albums to be. And the comparison to George Harrison doesn't seem to work either. The McCartney & Nilsson comparisons are very accurate, though. I also hear a little Leon Russell and maybe even Elton John. But regardless of who he might sound like, I am just knocked out by nearly every song on this album. And how can you describe songs like "Really Wanted You" and "Birthday Lady" as "lacking in confidence"?!?!?! Please go back and listen to it again. And again and again. This album contains some top notch tunes, not to mention kickass rock n roll, and extremely talented singing and playing.

    Anyway, thanks for the excellent website. I really enjoyed it despite the minor disagreement I have over the "Mirror" album.
  • I guess I'm a bit late in arriving but add me to the list of people amazed that there are other human beings on the planet who appreciate the great lost 70s/80s group Interview. When I was a music director/Program director for radio at the time, I had a personal commitment to listen to each and every promotional single that was sent to my radio station. Consequently, I was exposed to an amazing number of groups and records who should have been much much bigger than they were. I've thought for well over two decades that the two Interview albums were two great lost albums of the period. I'm glad I've come across some kindred spirits and I'm very excited to try out some of the other artists you have listed on your website.
  • I was reading your review of the Balance of Power release by ELO. A good job reviewing the final ELO studio release. However I noticed that following the title "Is It Alright", you commented using the (sic) that the title is misspelt. I would disagree. The title is correct, as the word does in fact appear in modern English dictionaries as an alternative spelling. In fact, I would say I've seen it spelt this way as often as the two word method, and in this day and age is considered to be just as correct.
  • I'm having one of those "good lord the internet sure is amazing" moments right now. I just did a search on Google and found your page on Interview and the comments from Jeff Starrs. After 20 years, you are the only other human being I've encountered who knows this band and their wonderful second album, which has always been one of my favorites. I actually have a promotional copy, because I was working for a record store chain at the time (Record Town). I doubt I'd have ever heard of the record but for that free copy we got one day (it motivated me to go find and buy Big Oceans). I just recently dug it out from the boxes all my LPs were consigned to years ago, so that I could digitize it along with a lot of other great music now long out of print. To be honest, the whole project was really motivated by wanting MP3s of the Interview album! (Well, that and Robin Lane & The Chartbusters' "Imitation Life".) Anyway, thank you for the page, and especially for the chat with Starrs. Your pages appear to be the only information available!! I learned more about the band and the album than I had ever known -- the record was always this dazzling anomaly with almost no context or background for me ("the greatest album no one ever heard" I call it). And I'm glad that through you, Starrs knows that the record is remembered so well by someone. That's a nice gift in return for the pleasure the music has given.
  • Thank you for the tribute to "Interview". I purchased both albums out of a bargain bin ($00.99 each - Canadian currency too!) many years ago and wondered why these guys didn't get a better reception. I thought I was the only one. Snakes and Ladders remains one of my favourites.

  • Thanks for the wonderful review of Emitt Rhodes, my favorite recording of the 1970's. This was a far better recording than the first solo McCartney lp that was released around the same time and was a huge disappointment. Emitt Rhodes managed to record a charming album playing every instrument and with a great melodic style. The fact that he was only 19 boggles the mind. Emitt Rhodes is pure genius.
  • Guess who's the only hit on a Google search for "Interview"? Thanks for the information about the band. It is a shame what was allowed to happen to what could have been something great. I am fortunate to have a brother who searches bargain bins at the local record shops so I do have "Snakes and Lovers" on LP and a cassette version too. You have a fascinating web page! Cheers!
  • While searching the web for information on my favorite band Deaf School over the years, I have found your web pages about the band. Do you know if the Japanese CDs of the 3 Deaf School studio albums actually exist? I have been trying to get them for almost 10 years, and have never once found them for sale, anywhere, at any price. I have found EVERY other record or CD I've ever wanted on ebay at one time or another, but not these CDs. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi Nice work on your web page. I have been a fan since taking a chance, unheard, on the import of 10 Mistakes back in 1977. I have all the import LPs(Sombrero times seems to be the rarest, but I was lucky to have just stumbled across it in a record bin in Detroit when it was released.) Young and Out was a Godsend when I located it! Now you have me looking for the solo Vandenburgs. I did find a copy of the new single. Anticipation of a new full lengther is almost too much to bear! I have a double sealed copy of Buddy and a double of Back to 78. It was a match made in heaven when Bette Bright played with Hans! I am also a Deaf School fan. Ok... now where is the video? I would die for some.
  • Just found your site while looking for deaf school info, the best band ever, i was only 14 when my brother bought 2nd honeymoon & too young to go & see them live, but 10 years later was "deaf school the 2nd coming & i managed to see them twice in one week. have spent many a saturday night with friends singing ourselves hoarse to all 3 albums, its about time for a 3rd coming.
  • Did a search and found your site. Another Deaf School fan here! I and some friends who all lived in Cheltenham, England, in the late seventies were huge fans. We even covered Capaldi's Caff in our band's live set! Great news that the first two albums are out on CD but where on earth do you get them? The Internet offered no clues. Do you have a URL, phone number or anything that can help me get to Wizard Records..if indeed that's the name of the label not just the catologue number? Sorry to bother you, but any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance PS My uncle was Bette Bright's art teacher in Liverpool. How about that?!
  • Thankyouthankyouthankyou! What a great (but slow!) site ;-) As a long time U.S. Gruppo fan, I've long-lamented the lack of recognition they've garnered here. I bought my first Gruppo lp in '79 when I saw R.J Stips name on it. I knew (as an even older Supersister fan) that it HAD to be good! Years later, I am hopelessly addicted. I was feeling rather smug in that I *thought* I had almost everything by the Gruppos. Today I came across your site. Now I am terribly depressed! AGH! I HAVE *NOTHING*!!! Mistakes, Back to '78, Copy Copy, Pop! Goes the Brain, and Design Moderne (in its nifty plastic bag). A scratchy tape of Buddy Odor/Sombrero Times, and a CD of Second Life. That's it. A hint of the searching to come came from the liner notes to Second Life and the other lp titles there. I've always searched for other Gruppo records or cd's with no success at all. And I used to be good at it! Anyway, I have to stop looking at your site for now, because there is too much stuff I want!! Thanks again for a really cool and helpful site, Really
  • Re: Gruppo Sportivo's Sing Sing. Jeez, they're something aren't they? Who knew when you bought that vinyl cutout for the third time, because you'd worn out the previous two, that they could do something like this. Helps confirm that you made some right decisions when you were younger, that you met some right people.
  • I've been to your site quite a few times now and wanted to say that I think you've done a great job. I was particularly impressed by your Emitt Rhodes commentary.
  • I recently found your website re the group Interview. I enjoyed reading your article. I can't believe I was able to find anything on them. I was in college when their two albums were released. I noticed that your second album "Snakes & Lovers" is different from mine. The songs are the same ... cover art is different, though. Any thoughts on this? Perhaps, we have different release versions of the same album. I bought both albums brand new, at their initial release. The music is phenomenal ... unfortunately, I haven't listened to my LP's in years. I need to tape them. I'd love to have them be released on CD, but I don't see that happening.
  • Many years ago, while browsing through the cut-out and used racks at OarFolkJokeOpus Records in Minneapolis, I came across what looked to be a good "road album" entitled "THISTLES" by BIM (aka Roy Forbes) on Elektra-Asylum, 1976. I might not have picked it (one of my all-time favorite albums) had not I noticed the producer -- Emitt Rhodes, long a favorite musician and songwriter of mine. From his days with Palace Guard and Merry-Go-Round until the present, his music has aged well, and puts to shame a lot of 70's bands that made a lot more $$$. I hope he gets together with Roy Forbes one of these days for some great music. If you haven't heard Roy's music (he's a Canadian), I highly recommend it. Talk about underrated !!! Forbes' "The Human Kind" is one of the nicest tributes to traditional country, swing and pop it makes one want to ramble on!
  • Long one of my favorite albums, I grabbed WYWH off the cut-out racks shortly after its release, and realized little of the legal battles and outright theft going on in the Badfinger camp, culminating in Pete's untimely death. Having just recently picked up the "Best of Badfinger Vol. 2," I can appreciate where the band was headed musically, though the lyrics betrayed their disgust with Stan Polley (may he rot in hell)
  • Re: your March of the Giants review. I showed it to Tim Cross - who I'm working with on new recordings - the other day, and we both agreed, "now there's someone who understands what this album is about."
  • While surfing the web tonight I found your review of Emitt Rhodes career. I wanted to write and let you know that you assessed his musical ability dead on, and secondly, that he has a new CD due out very shortly. It was originally planned to be released Jan 1 but was put off due to the death of his mother.
  • Hey Daniel, You don't know me, but I wanted to say cool work on the Gruppo Sportivo discography on the web. Thanks to you I realized that they continued to make new music after Sombrero Times. Do you have a recommendation for me on what to check out?
  • Congratulations on a great Homepage. I am a Deaf School fan and I'm very impressed with your coverage of them. The most under-rated band of the late 70s, in my opinion. I have their albums on vinyl but I've been searching high and low for the CDs to no avail. Do you have the CDs? I'd be really interested to know where I can buy them? Thanks for a great page.
  • I found your site by doing a search on Clive Langer. I've been a Madness fan since 1983, (I have 90% of their music) and have gotten into Deaf School in the past few years. I think English Boys is great, but I think Don't Stop The World is a little better, IMO. Strangely, Clive and Deaf School are rarely mentioned on the Madness discussion group to whom I belong... (being that it was Clive's band and Bette is Suggs' wife)  as I said, the web search led me to your DS Discography page. Then I went to your Main music page, and was delightfully suprised to see that you're a fan of The Move and Idle Race!! I'm on The Move discussion list, the same as Bruce Dumes!! Roy Wood is one of my fave musicians, whom I got into thru being an ELO fan. I've got all of ELO's music, same for Roy's and Idle Race (at least while Jeff was in it) I must say you have excellent taste in music, sir!   :-)    Now, I know little of Badfinger's or the Sparks' work, but am intrigued to hear more!!  some of the other you feature on the page, I've not even heard of...Anyway Daniel, I know it's a bit odd to get mail from someone you don't know, but I just wanted to say Hello, and tell you that you're not alone in your love for the artists who so deserve it!!
  • I found your review of Interview's Snakes And Lovers by searching on Altavista, and totally agree with you - its a great album. My father has had the album on tape for some time, and I would love to buy the CD of it. Do you know if it is available on CD anywhere? If not, is there anywhere which sells tapes of it? Thanks for your help, and congratulations on a great site.
  • Hi Daniel, what a fantastic web site! I live in England and both me and my brother have been massive fans since 10 mistakes (I openly name check the band everytime they ask about my own bands influences). I haven't heard anything since sombrero times, and I am dying to hear all the later material. There aren't many bands which I can say I have such an interest in, I love music with a sense of humour, which might be why I like other bands such as Loundon Wainwright iii, and oingo boingo, wall of voodoo, dickies, John Otway, etc.
  • Sir, I would like to thank you for your Emitt Rhodes info, as I am probably the world's greatest fan of Emitt Rhodes.
  • I was surprised to find your site with Altavista by typing 'vandefruits'. I'm stil fond off Gruppo, mainly because it was a particular period in my life that they were more or less known in the Netherlands. Nowadays I live in the south of France and still have their records somewhere. I think I still would know their song by heart if only I could find a sapphire for our Lenco over here.
  • Though I agree with you that "Wish You Were Here" is a great album, perhaps Badfinger's best, I would say that as an album "Ass" would be number two. Badfinger did not really produce albums, but rather collections of songs. I believe "Ass" embodies a bittersweetness and says more about the group than any of their other efforts.
  • It's nice to see others who love great music and are working to spread the word. TV Smith and the Only Ones are particular faves, and as some others have said, it's been quite a while since I've read anything about Deaf School. Keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight.
  • I congratulate you on your Gruppo Sportivo page. It's fantastic.
  • Happened by your web pages, via a search for Gruppo Sportivo. Although I should not have been surprised (as I have accessed the 'net for more than two years); I was when I stumbled onto your page, and read your critique of their work. I had believed that I was the only one who remembered this obscure (from an American perspective) group. I received a promo copy of Mistakes and enjoyed the group at first hearing. Unfortunately, few around me shared my enjoyment. Their loss. The point is, thank you for the information provided on your site, regarding Gruppo Sportivo
  • Great article about my favorite band Badfinger. I couldn't agree with you more about the importance of this mostly unheard album. I am one of the lucky few(?) that did buy this album when it came out in 1974. I can't help feeling sad every time I hear the song(s) 'Meanwhile Back At The Ranch/Should I Smoke' knowing just how well they played together and that this was the last official song released by the band. Unbelievable!
  • Aha! I knew there was *someone* who liked Balance of Power <grin>. Jolly good.
  • Unbelievable that i found another person who loves this album so much. One of my older brothers bought it new, played it til the grooves wore out andthen moved out to college. (I was 5 at the time). Ten years later I spentthe summer with him and going through his albums I ran across it,remembering vaguely that I had liked it. (A distinctive cover helped too.)Since that time I've played it for many friends who have since joined the Emitt Rhodes fan club. Yes, it was a tragedy that A&M sought to cash in on his impending fame by going up against the Dunhill release but that's the business world for you. Thanks again for a trip down memory lane.
  • Daniel- Very strange thing happened when I made the visit to your website featuring Gruppo--easily my favorite LP (Mistakes) of all time. I read through the bottom of your page and saw Emitt Rhodes--a name quite familiar. What's so strange is that I wore the grooves off of Emitt's album after being introduced to it as a mid-teenager and early in my listening career. I had not thought about Emitt for perhaps 20 years and how strange it is that I find it on your website. I am stunned. In fact, it makes me recall other great LP's from the same period that found fame through greatness or never found fame despite greatness...I would have bet millions that there was not one person on earth that knew and appreciated the work of Gruppo and E. Rhodes.
  • Re: Gruppo. Just checked out your essay and site, which I've bookmarked. I'm also a big fan of Badfinger's 'Wish You Were Here', especially the awesome 'In the Meantime/Some Other Time' suite, and everything that Deaf School has ever put out (I had the great fortune to see Deaf School play in San Francisco back in the late 70s).
  • I am so elated to find another fan of both Deaf School and Stackridge, and thank you for providing pages for these wonderful bands, the former of whom ranks right up in my personal top ten...I had never heard of Gruppo Sportivo, but am quite curious to track em down (and I stick to vinyl!). You are the first Deaf School fan besides myself that I have met, and I find your reviews to be thought provoking and well written, a compliment I can rarely hand to any music critic
  • I REALLY liked the reference to Thalberg. Only a truly dedicated fan of, among others, Rodgers & Hart would appreciate that. Keep up the good work, maestro!
  • I was really touched by your kind and pertinent review and am very, very happy to have, in turn, touched somebody with the music I did so long ago. That makes it all worth while!
  • Loved your review of "March of the Giants" - its positively criminal that Smith is so ignored!
  • Well written and right on--With maybe one exception. I never liked the song "Endless Lies" (Jeff's outside his range thru too much of it.) I noticed you didn't mention it, but it may be the one "clinker" on the album.
  • I'm...the only other known Interview fan in the world! I've been a fan since 1979, with the release of "Big Oceans". A friend of a friend worked in a record store and gave us a promo copy which I really dug...but I wasn't really knocked out until the following summer, when I found "Interview" -the 2nd Lp, in a cut-out bin. What a find!
    reading through your Badfinger stuff--really great!
  • I enjoyed the page a lot...I recently had a number of songs from the Emitt Rhodes album start running through my head, and, just for fun, tried to search the net for any references. Your's is the only one of any substance.
  • I had no idea that Gruppo had done anything beyond Pop! Goes the Brain and Design Moderne (from which I know I have a few cuts like "Newspaper" and "Fiona" on scattered tapes.
  • Daniel your reviews of Badfinger, Interview and Emitt are outstanding. You have reached the heart of pop where few men set foot.
  • Subject: Hova Lett. I never thought I would find anyone else who had ever heard of this album. I happened upon it in a small record store in Whittier, CA in the used bin for $1.99 some 10 years ago and I will never sell it. It would be nice to find a CD release of it.
  • I was surfing the web today trying to see if there are any Gruppo Sportivo CDs around and I came across your essay. Very cool.
  • Thanks for your page on Gruppo Sportivo, I lost track of them after COPY COPY (although I did have the luck to see the band in Hamburg in '81). Do you know what, if any, work Josee Van Iersel and Meike Touw have done since 10 Mistakes?
  • I do see the mark of Trouser Press in your writing. good stuff! You should do a lot more.
  • Deaf School and Gruppo Sportivo are far from my favorite groups, but both were favorite records at various, short points of my life. I played the double Deaf School with the first 2 albums together repeatedly many years ago (I bought it out of the blue in a used bin because a title or lyric really made me laugh). I just pulled both albums out to listen to tonight, thanks for jarring my memory on 2 long neglected albums in my collection. I had to drop a line and let you know that someone read your pieces and enjoyed them.
  • Well, as if it wasn't enough finding other Stackridge fans out there - to also find one with a love of Gruppo Sportivo is a real treat!! I will try to locate some of the other stuff you write about........with two hits like that to your credit, the others must be gems as well!
  • Quite surprised to see my complete Gruppo past on your site. Compliments, keep in touch.
  • I wonder why both Stackridge and Gruppo Sportivo were bands I loved that no one else seemed to like enough. My view as that you need sharp ears, high intellect, a deep love of popular music AND be sort of alone/looney/alone/lonely to have these musicians get to you.
  • I thought I was the only one that ever heard of Deaf School! I used to have all the albums when I was at U.C. Berkeley in the late '70's, but they went bye-bye when I transitioned from vinyl to CD. I once saw a Deaf School compilation CD at Tower Records, but the obscene price scared me away at the time. Now I'm kicking myself for not getting it.
  • Hi there...a friend of mine hipped me to a web page devoted to the music of the former leader of Doll By Doll, Jackie Leven, and thru that i found your home page. Quite nice too...i was especially jazzed by your tips of the hat to the likes of Emitt Rhodes and The Only Ones, but ESPECIALLY Deaf School, who I had the privilege of seeing in Washington DC back in '78!(Right around the time of their second lp, my actual fave of the first two lp's...was glad to have them as a twofer, tho) Anyway, it's nice to meet another fan of such...hope this finds you well, and look forward to more essays...cheers.
  • You are the first person in ages that has even heard of Deaf School. I grew up in London during the Punk era. Saw bands like The Sex Pistols, Terminators, the clash, The Jam and Stranglers at a club in Soho on Wardolf street called the Marquee. Most of these bands I had the pleasure to see before they even cut albums. What a time!! However, without a doubt Deaf School was a band that created a mixture of sound and imagery, that was too early. They have a sound that still is clean and unique. I have all of their albums and to this day will put them on the turntable to bring back the fond memories of the UK. I was very disappointed in the follow on work after the band spilt. It was good to see your history about them. Well written and interesting.
  • I finally came by to read the WISH YOU WERE HERE "article." I must say you've captured quite a bit on your page
  • My web search for "deaf school" and "second honeymoon" worked! I found your page and was delighted to find another who appreciates the works by this group. I only have the first two albums repackaged as one double-LP set. Second Honeymoon is a work of genius. Don't Stop the World is less appealing to me, but so what. Now, thanks to your page, I learn there was yet a third album, and now I'll have to hunt it down.
  • Good review...I heard "she's such a beauty" on the radio in 1970 and the Toronto radio announcer on CHUM said it was the new Beatles record (hoax)...anyway, I later found out who it was and ran out to buy the record...I still have it and Mirror...."Long Time No See" from Emitt Rhodes is my favorite....it's too bad the multi-tracking equipment wasn't better at the time...Emitt's musicianship and the songs are fantastic, but the recordings vary in quality...oh well....it was great to see your positive comments about an album that I too, have felt very strongly about for 27 years

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