Nanuet Songs

Admittedly, Nanuet hasn't inspired a bevy of hits. There is, however, a small cache of beautiful tributes that are directly or indirectly related to that not-so-little-town-not-quite-on-the-Hudson we call home.


"The Train" by The Roches


The Roches come from Park Ridge. On their glorious debut from 1979, there is a song called "The Train" relating sister Suzzy's trudge from Hoboken up home. While Park Ridge is three stops shy of Nanuet on the Pascack Valley Line, any Nanuetter can identify with the shlep that Suzzy Roche so evocatively relates.

The Train
(Words and Music by Suzzy Roche)

I sit down on the train
with my big pocketbook
the guitar and a sugar-free drink
I wipe the sweat off of my brow
with the side of my arm
and take off all that I can

I am trying not to have a bad day
everybody knows the way that is

Even though my baggage and I
are using up a two person seat
I'm not trying to be funny
but the guy who sits down next to me
is even bigger than that
we are overflowing out of the seat
I can't look at him
he doesn't look at me

Once you step on
you might never get off
of the commuter train
it doesn't go very far away
but just the same
it s a trip and a half

My face is pressed up
against the window
and through it I can see
the reflection of the train
I spy on the big guy
sitting next to me
he's drinking two beers
and reading the New York Post
trying not to get in my way
everybody knows the kind of day that is

He is miserable
I am miserable
we are miserable
can't we have a party
would he rather have a party
after all we have to sit here
and he's even drinking a beer
I want to ask him what's his name
but I can't cause I'm so afraid
of the man on the train

Copyright 1979 DeShufflin Inc.


"Terminal" by Rupert Holmes


Another commuter's song, "Terminal", from Rupert Holmes classic "Widescreen" album of 1974, tells the story of a young Rupert boarding the11A at Boggiano's (now Martio's) and riding to the Port Authority (locals know that stress falls not on "PORT", but on "THOR" [we say "THAR"])--the very bus stop that I used throughout my childhood, and use to this day when I go home and up the hill to visit my mom. My experiences on the 11A never reached the exciting heights of Rupert's, alas.

(words and music by Rupert Holmes)

I've come back this morning to where I first came alive
Here within this terminal where the buses arrive
I was a commuter on the 804
Work for a computer on the 19th floor and...

You came down the aisle of the bus and you sat by my side
Shoulder up to shoulder we shared that 9 o'clock ride
Oh, my heart was screaming as you left your seat
Followin' your movements I was at your feet and...

Oh, down into the terminal both of us smiled
So we entered the terminal just as you smiled
"Won't you leave off work for today?" you asked of me then
So I phoned in sick on the way to the home of a friend
We were all alone from 10 A.M. till 3
Really thought the fire had gone out of me

You awoke the sleep of my life from gray into red
Made the weary wonder of Wall Street rise from the dead
Could have held her body my entire life
But I had to get home to the kids and the wife and...

So I left for the terminal where I began
Baby, no, I wouldn't have left if I'd been half a man

So here I am this morning where love had asked for the dance
Here within this terminal where I passed on a chance
Lord, I'll never find her though I've truly tried
Probably she's found another bus to ride and...

I am now about to begin the last of my days
I'm within what others would call a terminal phase
I myself can only say it's living dead
Ridin' to the office with a song in my head that goes...

La da da...
And you know it grows
La da da...
Oh, la da da...
Oh, la da da...

"Town Square" by Rupert Holmes

rupert holmes

In 1978 Rupert Holmes planned to release a concept album about small town life, reminiscing about his years attending Nyack High (our high school hadn't been built yet). His record label wanted something a bit less introspective, with better hit potential. The album that was eventually released, Pursuit of Happiness, suffered somewhat from its consequent fractured form; Side One contained the more commercial material, while his concept partially survived on Side Two. This side's plaintive "Town Square" finds Rupert taking the late night 11A up from the city along Kinderkemack. I'd give anything to hear the "director's cut" of the album.

"Town Square"
(words and music by Rupert Holmes)

Riding on a midnight bus and through the window,
I read the signposts like pages in a story book
In the flair of a truck on the white line trail,
I search the roadside
For West Taconia, for Cantown, and for Kellybrook
Hook Mountain, Tylerville,
And the bridge to Razor Ridge and Jasper Hill.

Strike a match for a smoke and I look for the lake—
They’ve drained and dried it
And built a foundry, a drive-in, and a Burger King.
In a flatland, green once spread like a sheet—
They’ve cleaned and cleared it.
What are they thinking
Or don’ they think of anything?
Hook Mountain, Tylerville,
Where’s the bridge to Razor Ridge and Jasper Hill?

We had better draw the line and form a circle
Around the town square, the steeple, and the library.
And for each village green making way for a road,
We’ll block the highway
And say, “Enough now. Enough now. Won’t you let it be?”
Hook Mountain, Tylerville,
Save the bridge to Razor Ridge and Jasper Hill.

"On the 5.15" by Stanley Murphy and Henry I. Marshall


Yet another commuter song, this time a really early one. Notice "Nanuet" listed on the train schedule. Pete Townshend clearly has alot to answer for.


"Rock And Roll Over" by Kiss


Not exactly my cup of tea, but this album was recorded at the old Theater-in-the Round on 59.

"Nauraushaun" by Coheed And Cambria

I don't know anything about these guys, but they have a song called "Nauraushaun", which makes me curious.


Come on, William, in sheepskin wearing
I love following
The day you took us away
The day you took me through
How I miss you
I'll be there in your song
I'll be there thinking
Oh, how I loved you
I'll be there in your song
I'll be there in your song

I'm waiting
I'm waiting for Nauraushaun
I'm waiting
She lies to us
I lied to her
Dear God, now what is he running from?
Come on, William
In nighttime when you're here
I'd rather die here, I'd die here
I'd die here with you any day
Come on, grandfather
In nighttime when you're here
I'd rather die here , I'd die here
I'd die here with you any day

Oh dear, I miss you
You won't put out, or get out
I love testing you
I'll be there in your scene
I'll be there waiting
Oh, how I want to call to you
Look, she walks away
It looks done
And we'll find her
How I love you
I'll be there in your in your song
I'll be there in your song

I'm waiting
I'm waiting for Nauraushaun
I'm waiting
I lied to her
She lied to us
Dear God, now what is she running from?
Come on, William
In nighttime when you're here
I'd rather die here, I'd die here
I'd die here with you any day
Come on, grandfather
In nighttime when you're here
I'd rather die here, I'd die here
I'm dying here

Running around to tell you
Children laugh behind you
Waiting for us to wash your face, timing
I'm waiting, Nauraushaun, and all I need to know
Lay me behind them before you leave
Go, go, I'll follow you
I can't hear you, can't hear you
Leaving you now with my life without you
Greater magic inside of you
Speak a faster judgment
Frantic to be shown the weakened
Oh, what am I looking for
The people the dead man sees, his fire
We are looking for us
You haven't completely lost
You've given me a new start


And lest we forget:

If You Knew Highview

Lyrics adapted by John Guardiano

If you knew Highview, like I know Highview
Oh, oh, what a great school
We'll always treasure, our Highview pleasures
Oh, oh, oh my we've got such full measure
Fun and laughter, with joy we learn more
Some real fine students, teachers staff and principal
if you knew Highview, like we know Highview
Oh, what a great school!

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