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Bob Silverman's Stereo Session

My dad, Bob Silverman, pioneered the concept of home taping, decades before the music industry began its silly "home taping is killing music" nonsense. He was the original Shawn Fanning.


Billboard, March 28, 1964:

Gotham Fm'er Promotes Stereo
NEW YORK - There's some unusual and interesting programming fare emanating from WRFM here with the premiere Monday (24) of a one-hour (9 to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday) FM program entitled "Stereo Session."

Hosted by Bob Silverman, the show features guests from the musical world, as well as writers in the field. WFRM is using its stereo facilities to demonstrate the quality and versatility of components to its listeners and manufacturers, designers and dealers will be invited to appear on the show.

"Stereo Session" invites the active participation of the listener by offering music to be recorded directly from the program on tape recorders. The equipment used to play and record the music on the program will be the actual components of the sponsoring manufacturers.

The music played on "Stereo Session" is selected for technical and performance quality, not for gimmicks or ping pong. However, legitimate stereo disks effectively utilizing the new dimension in a dramatic way will be aired, according to station spokesmen. Dealers will receive promotion and display on the series and plans are under way to prerecord the entire show at dealer showrooms from time to time.

Stereo Session theme music (Jupiter, from Holst's The Planets":

Stereo Session Prospectus (one page is lost):

Stereo Session Program Schedule:

Recording Session Prospectus:

Stereo Session publicity poster

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