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-submitted by a friend



I. Anonymous
(possib. Barcelona, 12th cent.)

A Mother's Lament
I had a bad fall
For that you couldn't visit?
Call (once in a while)

II. David ben Bindele
(Łodz, 1745?-1802)

A Trip to the Tailor
It's what they're wearing
What, you don't like the color?
Of course I got stripes!

III. Vittorio de Martin y Soler
(Burgos, 1422-1492)

The Old Man Reflects
Nu. You live, you learn . . .
But still, what I wouldn't give
To move my bowels

IV. Floriano di Bergamo-Schwartz (attrib.)
(Venice, c.1350)

The Question
Abe, what you got there?
So pink and tender it is
Could be a nice lox


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