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...Along The Hudson

Here are some images, "...Along The Hudson", taken during my sabbatical year 2012-13 (in roughly chronological order). Enjoy.

We'll start in the homeland of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation, encompassing lands now part of Hillburn, Ringwood, and Mahwah. Here is Silver Lake, perched atop Stag Hill in Mahwah.


Ramapo Children's Park (Dexter Park to locals)


Lake De Forest


Up at Cheesecoate Pond in Stony Point


At Buckberg Mountain, looking across to Westchester


Lake Boyce in Stony Point


Lake Welch in Harriman


The Mans at Marian Shrine, Stony Point


F Cottage at Letchworth Village, where I volunteered 1979-80


The refectory at Hill Unit, Letchworth


Stewart Hall, Letchworth


Park Lane, Nanuet


Mom and me


Peter along Seven Lakes.


Rockland Lake


Snow in Cobble Hill


Harriman in the ice


The Red Apple Rest on 17 in Tuxedo


The river at Sandy Beach, Cold Spring, with Lois


The river from Nyack Library


Bear Mountain with Saul


Somewhere in Peekskill...


Self portrait at Defiant Brewery, Pearl River




Manitoga, home of American Master Russel Wright


Saul and the city


Residents' Cemetery at Letchworth Village; numbers, not names.



2.2 km (1.4 miles) from the house I grew up in is a Russian Orthodox monastery, with the largest cemetery in all the Russian diaspora. As you look at the pictures I took, you’ll be forgiven for thinking we are in Mother Russia, rather than in little Nanuet. Novo Diveevo was established as the monarchy fell, providing a cultural refuge for royalty (Czar Nicholas’s niece is buried here), for exiled intelligentsia, and, as a woman apologetically told us in broken English, for Nazi sympathizers who masqueraded as oppressed “freedom fighters” after WW2. The Church has an icon portrait of St. Seraphim.

Russian Orthodox Convent Novo-Diveevo, Nanuet


Tolstoy Foundation, Valley Cottage


Shri Ranganatha Temple, Pomona/Ladentown


Cheesecoate Pond again


South Mountain Road at Concklin Farm, Pomona


Looking north from Scratchup Road, Haverstraw


The view from George and Fran's, Fort Lee


The "Birth of a Nation" House, Piermont


Frank Gehry's Fisher Center at Bard


Rockland Bakery


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