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"Vote For Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan"


•Are you a woman? Do you want your reproductive rights taken away from you, even in cases of rape or incest? Are you against equal pay for equal work?

•Are you a zero-generation Latino? Do you want your American children to be sent permanently overseas to a land they’ve never known?

•Are you gay? Do you want all the progress we’ve made towards equal rights taken away?

•Are you Jewish? Do you want to risk the unparalleled defensive support our government has provided Israel over the last four years?

•Are you black? Do you want the return of de facto Jim Crow as your voting rights are jeopardized?

•Are you poor or middle class? Do you want to see your taxes go up while the wealthiest few of us enjoy even greater tax cuts?

•Do you or your children have health issues? Do you want to go back to the days when health care was not guaranteed for all Americans? When “pre-existing conditions” were not covered if your insurance has lapsed?

•Are you a senior? Do you want to jeopardize your Medicare?

Are you a student? Do you want your tuition to go up up up as Pell Grants disappear?

•Are you a union member? Do you want to see the end of collective bargaining and risk your hard-earned and well-deserved protections?

•Are you a wealthy, healthy, white, Christian, heterosexual male who cares only about himself?

•If you answered yes to any of these questions, then, by all means, vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

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