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"The Effects Of Duration And Sonority On Contour Tone Distribution" by Jie Zhang

Behold! Here is the artistically compelling cover of Zhang Jie's UCLA dissertation from 2001.

Jie and I had our first date at a coffee house in LA's Little Ethiopia, 1994, and were together for three wonderful years. We moved into a cool Santa Monica flat, and were fantastically happy until I very stupidly accepted an offer to move away. Life-changing mistake!

I always imagined we'd be the "Steve and Eydie" of phonology, but alas, that title was ultimately taken by our good friends Adam and Andy.

We amicably parted, and continue to be best buds to this day, and surely beyond. We also, it seems, implicitly agree never to talk about phonology, he being a generativist and I being a functionalist.

Love you hon!

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