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NYC Businesses Of Note


A nice rejection letter from The New Yorker:

Mr. Silverman,

We enjoyed your piece, but are sorry to say it wasn’t right for us, despite its evident merit and humor. Thank you for allowing us to consider your work.

The Shouts Dept.

The ethnic kaleidoscope that is New York City offers endless exotic eating, drinking and other cultural opportunities. Here is just a tiny sampling of the culinary and libationary delights that beckon from every quarter of town, along with some of our more outré "culture élevée" establishments:

None The Worse For Wear:
Your Wedding Your Pants:
Nervous bridegroom? Relax! Flushing's Your Wedding Your Pants has everything you need, tip to toe, to ensure that your big day flows smoothly.
Up on 125th, here's a bookstore that specializes in volumes on American civil rights movements, both old and new.

LES Girls:
Au contraire! Grammar aside, you'll find tons of girls at this Orchard Street dyke bar, opened by a Peru, Indiana transplant.

Scene One Ciné Mall:
Hardly! Unlike other movie houses around town, this ciné qua non Washington Heights multiplex--just across the Hudson from Fort Lee--specializes in foreign and indie favorites.
Prose And Cannes:
This librairie cinématographique in Claremont is seriously contemplating challenging Samuel French's hegemony.

Pho Ngo:
American-accented fast Vietnamese food just southeast of Chinatown.

Inn Seine:
You'll go mad for the superb Parisian specialties at this bistro on East 27th Street (try the eel Saint-Louis!), ideally situated with a beautiful view of--what else?--Bellevue.

"Oh Chai!"
Is it haggis or chopped liver? Smoked salmon or lox? Angus Burger, the taciturn Jewish-Glaswegian proprietor of this Bathgate bistro, isn’t talking, but never mind. Just pour a wee dram and toast “to life!” Och aye!

Whistle after you work! Just put your lips together and blow at Koreatown's own humdinger of a hostess-cum-karaoke bar.

The Diamond District's most gluttonous Glatterati congregate at this galut-eteria, featuring kosher cuisine from the world over.

Surf Sup:
It's "endless summer" at this Rockaway Beach seafood dinner hangout.

Against all odds, "H24", an after-hours straight club in Chelsea, has become a hit. What will they think of next?

Mogen David | Sommelier:
Located in Crown Heights, this is probably the world's only East African Jewish wine bar.

Ess-A-Pickle Salon-Inn:
Recently moved from the LES to Boro Park, this
struggling pickle house now has a new lease on life, having expanded to include a Finnish-style shvitz haus.

Allah Cart:
You can find some of the best French-Moroccan food in town at this lunch truck, up 5th Avenue, just a stone's throw from the Jewish Museum.

Just down the street from the Hayden Planetarium is situated this out-of-this-world Jewish deli.

You're sure to do a double-take when sampling the delicacies at this West African eatery located in Morrisania.

Instant Korma:
This fast Indian food in Murray Hill is gonnna knock you off your feet!

Angkor! Angkor!:
Hey, Khmer! Check out the Theater District's only Cambodian restaurant.

Gothamer Wings:
West Village bar catering to NYC's Radical Faery contingent.

The Pube:
Direct from London, this English style bar-in-the-subway is located downtown, naturally, in Canal Street Station.

Jackson Heights nightclub catering to Central American Judios.

Loisaida Fries:
Check out the superb greaseburgers (and fries, of course) at this Allen Street institution.

Opened by a former L.A.-based radio D.J., this Sunnyside Mexican eatery specializes in--of course!--quesadillas.

Ay, Falafel!:
On the contrary! You'll probably feel great after enjoying a meal at Marble Hill's only Ceutan restaurant.

Beerhall Butch:
Located in Yorkville, this is the city's only lesbian brewpub. Specializes in German-style lagers.

L'Chaim! He-Brews and She-Brews mix and match at this UES club that gives J-Date a run for its money

From Bhangra to Cantopop, from Korean Lounge to Mongolian Rap, this midtown club plays it all.

Joie de Tel Avivre:
French Jews flock to this East Village hot spot.

Kabul Hill:
Authentic Afghan cuisine located--where else?--in Cobble Hill.

The Midbar:
Israeli-owned desert-themed watering hole in Midwood.

Le Papillonion:
French bagelry in Fort Greene.

Lapsed Quebecois Catholics flock to this "alternative" fried chicken jernt in Bensonhurst.

Chinatown "theme" restaurant honoring the Motherland's embrace of capitalism.

UWS Northern European desserterie. Have your dinner elsewhere. Then, to finish, try something sweetish; a danish maybe. Pricey? No way!

Turkish fast food finally makes it to the city. Two locations: Astoria and Atlantic Avenue.

Ets Meets Oets:
Tribeca’s newest Asian-French fusion restaurant and bar, featuring Bartender Pete, and his special sake cocktails... Come on in for Pete's sake!

The Dump:
Dumpling house in Brooklyn Chinatown (In a rush? Try their take-away window, Take-a-Dump).

Tequila Gadola:
A Jewish-Mexican cantina specializing in--you guessed it--supersized shots.

The Hip Hop Chip Shop:
Bed-Stuy's trendiest Fish and Chips.

Franks But No Franks:
Let proprietor Frank prepare his vegetarian specialties for you at this Coney Island haunt.

Dance the night away in this Kips Bay Sephardic temple-turned-after hours pick up joint.

Pizza π:
This Battery Park City mainstay really packs 'em in when Stuy lets out. Their clever (if obvious) logo is not featured here, alas

Nuage de Champignon:
Fine fare may be found in this former fallout shelter in Tribeca, now refurbished as a fashionable French basement bistro.

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