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In high school and college I dreamed of putting a band together, called Cheesecake And The Lowgrades. It never materialized, but I wrote enough lyrics for an elpee's worth of tunes. Here they are, unexpurgated and contextless:



You say you don't mind living
In the shadow of him
But then you’re not giving
You're just giving in

My existence is fine
If he's happy them I'm
My place is by his side
Where our paths won't collide

Just because you're his wife
Means you can't live your life?
Because of that role
You can't strive for your goal?

You don't understand
I need to stay manned
My psyche is such
That I often need a crutch

Are you telling me then
It's not him, it's his position
That inhibits your yen
To act through volition?

I chose him through free will
So I believe that therefore
He's someone I care for
And not just any run-of-the-mill

I believe you think it's true
That the choice was up to you
But it's just another cunning case
Of his manipulative grace

I'll need some time to think this through
If what you're saying is true
I'd feel used, abused, and saddened too
And then I wouldn't know wrhat to do

I know a way that you could be
free from all his tyranny
The answer is, oh don't you see
That you should run away with me



I'm going to the store today
The brand names are more expensive
But they're also of higher quality
I don't mind paying extra for them



You couldn't give 'im a break
You had to give 'im more than he could take
It was obvious to all he needed out of your clutches
Now he'll be lucky if he makes it with crutches

I knew from the start that the road would be rocky
With you in the driver's seat all cool and cocky
Out of control, you pushed 'im down to the floor
And if this hadn't happened, you'd've probably done more

An accident you say?
You meant to protect 'm? I say no way
You wrecked 'im

You said, "I'll steer 'im in the right direction
He'll be the object of all my affection"
And when you spoke of breaking through the shield he’d made
Did you ever consider the impact on his head?

Never move an injured person is what we’re all taught
For worse can result—attempted help all for naught
But you like playing games with fears
And worsened the blow by shifting gears

An accident you say?
You meant to protect 'im? I say no way
You wrecked 'im

Alone in a hospital bed
Lacerations about the head
It hurts to laugh
It hurts to cry
It must be time for my med

An accident you say?
You meant to protect 'im? I say no way
You wrecked 'im



Well I'm not made of paper so thin
But I might just as well have been
I wonder who’s my favorite today
I have to choose my favorite today

Black on white—a good graphic technique
Black and White—my pick of the week
The ink comes off all over my hands
So I can write about the fingerprints band

Oh, but it's a crime to be understood
I'd be more cryptic if I could
Lifting ideas from poetry and prose
Obscure references abound--and so it goes

Oh, come to my arms my fleeting darling
For tomorrow you'll be a fading starling
Dance with me to a disco beat
For you'll be passé in another week

All I want to do is review you
All I want to do is screw you
Open me up and read all my pages
Then stick me in a drawer to keep for all ages

Give me your number and I’ll write you up
My stock is glossy and my graphics the top
I can teach you all about right and wrong
It's right from left that's confused my song



That guy up ahead is in my seminar
Check my watch -- what time is it?
Take normal steps
Look in that store window
Is my wallet still there?
Here it comes -- keep those eyes lowered! Ready
Look up. Smile-go!-"Hi!"

What does that girl's t-shirt say?
Quick -- while she's talking to the saleswoman
Damn. Only caught the upper half
...Drop my keys
Can't look -- she's looking here now
Walk casually (casually!) away
One more quick glance?
No way

Spilled my milk
Next table is watching
Make light -- shake your head! Smile!
No use. They're staring
Look out the window
No squirrels to watch!
OK -- clean up the rest
Eat up and get out



As a child I thought
I looked like a monster
When the lights were out
As an adult I know
I look like a monster
When the lights are on

Oh, if only you could see me
When you’re not around
I let the thoughts go
I let the feelings come
I know I could love you
If you weren’t around

If you weren’t here
I’d look into your eyes
And whisper in your ear
And we’d look back at the lies
I’d been living for years
And there’d be no surprises
As we’d both shed our tears
And laugh in the darkness
And forget all our fears

If you weren’t here



I need to know
What's dirty and what's clean

What's beautiful and what's obscene
Where to draw the line between

Until I find out
I won't act, I'll dream

Is it cold then warm
Is it warm then cold

Or something else
I need to know

A kiss is clean
A kiss is dirty

A touch is everything
A touch is nothing

Am I innocent
Am I guilty



I'll be a broken car
That no one wants to drive
I'll be a broken car
That no one wants to revive

I'll be a broken car
Too far gone to repair
I'll be a broken car
Too far gone to care

Don't take a chance
With a broken car
There's no hope for romance
With a broken car

No one will control me
When I'm a broken car
No one will own me
When I'm a broken car

I'm a broken car
With a risk-free existence
I'm a broken car
Needing nothing for subsistence

Don't take a chance
With a broken car
There's no hope for romance
With a broken car



Seventy-one shoelaces man oh man
Not too dark and the shit has hit the fan
When you get older there’s a vein behind your ear
But you’re still young so you have nothing to fear

It’s all a matter of right or wrong
So try not to pretend
The vein inside is growing wide
It’s the beginning of the end

Gas is fun when you want to choke on dirt
But heat is so much faster and it doesn’t even hurt
The pipe in the weeds near the back of your head
A little bit light, not too dark, and the water's full of lead

I’m just telling you want you want to hear
So try to understand
There’s a whole lot of blood inside my head
It’s getting very near the end

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